YANA – Do you ever feel lonely as a mum?

It seems crazy to associate Motherhood or parenthood with loneliness. From the moment we give birth we don’t have a second to ourselves and we are not on our own morning or night due to the little dependant we have just pushed into the world, and yet we can feel incredibly lonely.
Sitting up in the early hours of the morning in a dark room feeding or settling a little one can be a lonely time even though you are as close as you’ll ever be to another human being. Walking to the park or going to a parent and baby group can even intensify that feeling of loneliness. Strange isn’t it? From the moment you thought you’d never be alone again the feeling and need for friendship with other parents becomes so great.
Channel Mum saw that this was a common issue for Mums and parents across the UK. A survey confirming that 92% of Mums feel lonely. So many of us desperate for friendship and support, anything to lesson the lonely, monotonous hours of each day. Feelings that all to often can be the beginning of post natal depression and even the inability to bond with our children, sometimes even with resentment setting in towards them due to the negative feelings we can feel they have caused.
So Channel Mum set a challenge for us all. The YANA (you are not alone) challenge…..to reach out to other parents…..to smile, include and get in touch with parents we know or meet who might just be needing it. From the mum sat on her own at the parent and baby group to the mum struggling with a screaming toddler in the supermarket, reach out and make someones day better.
I know that after trying lots of different parent and baby groups, when I finally found one I felt really happy in it was a lifeline for me. A place for companionship, support, advice and friendship. It was not however the first one I tried and I had to push myself out of my comfort zone to get in it…..if that makes any sense at all!!
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