The Working Mum Juggle – See how Katy does it


The working mum juggle is hard, full stop, but whether you are a stay at home mum or working outside or even inside of the home we all know it’s a full time job and a major organisational headache. Childcare is obviously a big issue though when you have a job outside of the house. How do you do It? One child needs picking up from school, or after school club, the other is perhaps at nursery, may be you have 3 or 4 kids! Your partner is away with work, or may be you are a single parent. Do you have family near by or do you have no support network? Is it even worth working when the cost of childcare is so high? It’s so damn hard to make out all happen and to find the help that you need.

I struggled to find the right person to help us. We needed a nanny because childminders and nurseries want set days and I need them to be flexible. We went through a few people, who I have to admit were disasters before we found the perfect person for us but the bottom line is we found them! Thank goodness!

Once childcare is in place how do you get everything else done? There’s the house to keep on top of, cleaning, washing, paperwork, who’s where when? Which child has a party this weekend? Have they got extra curricular activities to get to? If you’re away with work over night is there someone at home with the kids? How do you make time for yourself and your partner? Is there food in the house? Who’s cooking dinner? It’s exhausting!!


So in this video, I’m sharing how I do The Working Mum Juggle It may not be the answer for you but hopefully you will take something from it, at the least just to know that you aren’t alone in the juggle!



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