WOMEN’S HEALTH – Trying to stay healthy when you’re a busy mum

When we are running around dealing with kids, partners, family members, school friends, extra curricular activities, supermarket shops, work and more it’s very easy to let some things fall to the back of the queue. So often it’s our health and fitness. When do we have time to go to the gym when there’s dinners to make, uniform to wash and house work to get done. If you’re working as well ( and by working I mean juggling a paid job other than the 24 hour job of being a mum!!!) then it’s a wonder we aren’t all falling apart. Women’s health and particularly that of a mum with a new baby is so important. Not just for our energy but for our mental health and wellbeing. So where the heck do we start?

Well in this video, Anna and I share some of the things that we try to do to keep on top of our nutrition, our physical appearance and our energy levels. As so many of us know, if mum goes down then the whole freakin’ ship will go down too.

We are by no means Saints when it comes to healthy eating. Anna is much better at it than me but we will both fall prey to wine, crisps and dip and a pick at the kids left overs. Oh and bread and cheese, how much do we both love a crusty baguette with butter! So this video isn’t about us being ‘Holier than Thou’, but when we know we need to be good, these are the things we try and incorporate into our every day lives so that we have a fighting chance of beating the colds and virus’s the kids bring home, have enough energy to make it to kids bed time and that we don’t go down with the ship!

Enjoy! x

PS. Don’t forget to tell us any of your top tips too in the comments. If you liked this you can also check out our chat with Health and Fitness Expert Scott Henley. 

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