Why did no-one tell me?!

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This week all of the Channel Mum Vloggers including us have been sharing the things that we wish we had known before having a baby and are asking ‘Why did no-one tell me?!’

Having a baby is wonderful, magical, special, amazing…blah blah blah….it’s also a complete SHOCKER!!!!!!!! There are so many things that you have no idea are coming your way when you first see that pregnancy test turn positive. This isn’t a post to scare the bejeezus out of potential new parents but it is a light hearted look back at our journeys.

So what were the big shockers for you? Anna and I are talking post birth bleeding, haemorrhoids, trashed nipples and the basic fact that having a baby is really really hard.

Check out our video and join in the fun and share your stories. Make sure to check out all the other stories on the Channel Mum Playlist

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