‘What was your biggest shock as a mum?’ Collab with our fellow Channel Mum Vloggers

A few weeks ago Anna had the great idea to invite some of our fellow Channel Mum vloggers to come and stay for a day and night of vlogging collaborations. We had so much fun getting to know them all better and by the time we hit the Prosecco at dinner we were like a bunch of old friends. Boy did we laugh!!


When you get mums together you will always find a common ground. However you choose to parent one thing you will agree on, being a mum is hard. There are of course wonderful things about becoming a mum, we know that or we wouldn’t have more babies, but we also shouldn’t be afraid to share the tough side of things too.

In this video we asked everyone to answer this one question. What was the biggest shock when you became a mum? Here’s what we had to say.

Also be sure to check out all their channel links below the video on YouTube.



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