Top Beauty Products for Busy Mums – Katy’s faves

When you are a busy mum you don’t always get much time for yourself and your beauty routine. So with that in mind here are the beauty products that I do manage to use and that make me feel like me again and not just a tired mummy with porridge and snot on my shoulder.

Over the years of working in television I’ve been fortunate to try lots and lots of different beauty products. I’m pretty sure now of what works for me and my skin. I do some presenting for QVC too which means I get to try many of the ranges available there. I’ve been introduced to a number of brands that I could shout about but I could only choose 5 for this video but I shall bring you more in the future. One of my favourite brands that you will see in this video is Liz Earle. I am a huge fan of products that use lots of natural ingredients particularly essential oil based products. If it smells like rosemary, lavender, rosehip, neroli etc then I can’t get enough of it.

I have curly hair and skin that sometimes looks tired and dull so without further ado check out the video to find out my favourite cleanser, night oil, hair product, fake tan and perfume that have me ready to face the day.

NB. These are all Katy’s personal choices and we have not been paid to promote them or gifted the products.

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