Top 12 Toys for Christmas with Dream Toys & Channel Mum

Anna and I were so happy to be asked by Channel Mum to announce the Dream Toys Top 12 Toys for Christmas for the second year in a row!! It’s such a fun event and we get to behave like big kids for a day and play with some of the most exciting and sort after toys in the country.


We travelled up to London the night before to do some proper ‘Secret Squirrel’ filming and got to find out before anyone else, including the big toy brands, who would make the list. It was pretty cool to be the only media in the country that got the scoop first!


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The morning of the event we went LIVE on Facebook to take you all around the show and see all the toys in action. My personal favourite had to be Silly Sausage because, lets face it, it’s a pretty suggestive toy! It’s going to have the whole family laughing. I think it’s pretty safe to say Anna was a little obsessed with her Hatchimal, I think her maternal side came flooding out as she waited anxiously for it to hatch. We can see why these have become the biggest hit this year as we got just as excited as the kids do.


The one that’s the winner for both of us though has to be Speak Out, we have never laughed  so much. You wear a mouth frame that opens up your lips and cheeks so you can’t pronounce anything properly and then you have to try and read a daft sentence from a card. The other person or team has to guess what you are saying. This should be on every Xmas, Hen Party, Dinner party and ‘things to do when bored’ list going.


You can catch up with our Channel Mum video here and also see our live stream from the Channel Mum Facebook Page – Link here. 

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