Tommee Tippee – Express & Go Review

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As we all know there are a number of ways to feed your baby, breast feeding, formula and expressing to bottles. The bottom line is that your baby is getting fed!

It may be that you struggled with breast feeding for whatever reason but you still want to be able to give your baby breast milk, or perhaps you will have to go back to work and still want to leave breast milk with whoever is caring for your baby. So what do you do? Well expressing is worth a try. There are many expressing or pumping machines on the market and many types of bags to store it in but now Tommee Tippee have come up with something to possibly make it even easier. Before you would pump into a bottle, decant into a freezer bag perhaps, defrost then pour back into a bottle. They have now cut some of that out with with the Express and Go. Katy first heard about it when she and her family were booked to make the How To Videos for this product so she thought it was pretty funny when Hey Mummy were then asked to review one too. It was a great opportunity for her to get it home and use it in an every day environment. Katy did the pumping and Anna got to feed little Ivy!

Check out their video and see what they thought of it.

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