The £2.99 dress parents are rushing to snap up!


Kids, they are bloody expensive aren’t they?! Always needing new clothes and shoes, do they have to grow so very quickly? They run trousers through at the knees, scuff shoes through to the toes and if you are out for the day you often need at least two extra changes of clothes if you have a child who is like a homing pigeon to dirt.

We sometimes get given beautiful outfits for our children, particularly when they are born and these outfits are one of the biggest laughs as a parent. They look fate right in the eye and say come on, give me your best shot. Fate always wins too, be it poo explosion, mud splat, grass stain, rips, food spillage, it WILL happen. That’s a given. So why bother? Ok fine we might get a nice photo out of it but that’s it. So I think most of us are looking for bargain clothes that will last for that child’s age range and may be even last for a sibling too.

I took the girls to the farm the other day. Love the farm, it’s all the entertainment you need for them in one place. It’s also a mine field of filth. At this one there was a water play area too. Kids shout Yeah! and the mums and dads shudder. This of course meant multiple changes throughout the day. Thankfully a week or so ago I walked into H & M to stock up on a few bits for the girls for summer. There it was, a rail of perfect little summer dresses. Loads of prints to choose from and breathable cotton fabric.

I looked for the price, £2.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously?! I grabbed a handful of them. My only regret was not buying every single style. I’m in fact going to nip to my local H&M today to see if there are any left. There are still some available online. Some styles are unsurprisingly nearly sold out, particularly the strawberry design. Weirdly H&M have loaded some styles separately onto their site so you have to look through to find all the styles. I have gone through and found as many links for you as I can. Stock up Mums and Dads, they are flying out the door.





Dark Blue Floral 


Various prints

I should also add, this is not a sponsored post. I just wanted to share this top tip. Hope you all have a fab Spring/Summer.

Katy x


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