Tantrums – Channel Mum with Supernanny featuring Anna

I was so exited when Channel Mum asked me to go on a secret mission for them. I was given an address, a date and time! As I travelled up to London with a bag full of make-up and clothes to meet up with four other Channel Mum vloggers I had no clue what we were going to be filming. I cooked up ideas about being the first parenting vlogger put into the big brother house or sent off into the jungle…..no such luck there but nearly as exiting to be told that we would be working on some videos for Supernanny at Warner Bros. TV.
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When I was pregnant with Rocco (my first baby) nearly a decade ago I used to watch episode after episode of Jo Frost working with families who were struggling with various parenting/kid issues. From meal times to sleep, from tantrums to homework, it was entertaining and educational to see parents and kids who all needed Supernanny to rescue quite desperate situations within their homes. (Of course as I hadn’t yet given birth to my first baby all the situations that Jo Frost had to deal with would never be relative to me……hmmmmmmm)
10 years down the line, three kids later and I can honestly say there have been more times than I can count were I would of done anything to have Jo Frost ring the doorbell and guide me through a mealtime or night. Parenting is such hard work and there is not one perfect parent in the whole world! There are many days when I’m sure my family could of featured on one of the programmes.
Our job was to watch clips of the supernanny programmes while our reactions and conversations were recorded. It was, fun, emotional, horrific and educational. We all enjoyed our time with the Supernally crew, hope you enjoy watching.
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