SWAG Circle of Life – ‘Push Present’ Collection


‘Push Presents’* may be a relatively modern term but in actual fact the giving of jewellery after the birth of your children is something that has been going on for many many years. The eternity ring has always traditionally been the piece given after you have completed your family.

Many people might say well hang on a second, surely your child is the ultimate gift and you don’t need a present from the father of your children too, and yes they would be right…..to a point.

Having a child is an incredible, wonderful thing. It’s also really hard work, being pregnant takes its toll on you. Getting pregnant in the first place is a mountain to climb. Giving birth whether it be natural or assisted does things to your body that you never expected. It’s not just pregnancy and birth either, adopting a child puts you through untold stress. You then work tirelessly and sometimes thanklessly raising this bundle of joy. You have the self satisfaction of making it through a day knowing you cared for and protected your child with love, while doing so on coffee fumes and hormones, but you don’t get a quarterly report from your boss and a bonus or a promotion, holiday pay, sick pay or days off. There is the risk of post birth complications and post natal depression, the list goes on. So a beautiful gift from your partner or family that says you know what? Good. Bloody. Job. is something that we at Hey Mummy think every mother deserves.



So when we were asked if we would be interested in viewing the new ‘Circle of Life’ Collection of ‘Push Presents’ from SWAG, we jumped at the chance. Particularly because in this case it really wasn’t just about beautiful jewellery. SWAG has announced its official partnership with government initiative, Your Parent Guide. This is a magazine that will be given to all parents when they register the birth of their child, packed with helpful information that every parent may need to know. That’s not all, the bit that really swung this collection for us was the fact that 20% of proceeds from the ‘Circle of Life’ Collection will be donated to pre and post-natal charity PANDAS. Now that’s definitely something worthy of Hey Mummy supporting, particularly as Anna suffered from PND after the birth of her 3rd son.


SWAG is a family owned independent jeweller and has been going for over 40 years. The ‘Ferris Family’ know exactly what it’s like to raise a family whilst juggling everything else that is thrown at you in life and so can appreciate the support that mothers and their families need. This is why they were chosen to work alongside Your Parent Guide.

Edward Ferris, MD of SWAG commented: “Research has shown that giving a piece of jewellery straight after the birth of a child greatly increases a woman’s happiness, so we knew we needed to create something special. A monumental, emotionally charged and pivotal occasion as it is, we want to be able to give people something that captures all of that in a keepsake.”

So last week we headed to London’s Berkeley Square and Morton’s Club for an afternoon’s viewing of the collection along with champagne and canapés. Tough day at the office eh?! What a lovely afternoon it was, the collection is beautiful and we both had fun trying on the rings.

IMG_9083 IMG_9107


All the pieces are a circle design to fit in with the ‘Circle of Life’ theme, they all feature diamonds but there are variations including rubies, sapphires, pink sapphires and emeralds. These stones will mean different things to different people, whether it be birth stones or simply because they are a favourite colour. You can choose from rings, earrings and necklaces and they price range from £595 to £850. In the future they will also be bringing out a lower price range of items so don’t panic if this is out of your budget.

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We listened to speeches from Ed Ferris himself along with a lovely video about his family business and the collection which you can see here. We also heard from Claire Nethersole from PANDAS who gave a touching speech about why the charity was started in support of women suffering from Pre and Post Natal Depression. 10-15% of women will suffer with some form of it, according to the NHS. We wouldn’t be surprised if this number is much higher as many women feel too scared to speak up as they are worried what people will think or panic that their children will be taken from them. PANDAS offers the support that can be scary to ask for elsewhere.

All in all it was a fantastic launch and we were impressed by the range and the message that it brings. We would love to know what you think of the collection and the support surrounding it.

We also got to meet some of the other lovely bloggers who attended the event, including fellow Channel Mum Vlogger Katie Elison from Mummy Daddy and Me Makes Three and Alison Perry from Not Another Mummy Blog. Check out their write ups from the day too if you get a minute.


PS. If Katy’s husband is reading this, she might quite like a diamond eternity band, or not, whatever, just a thought 😉

* Although the term ‘push presents’ is used surrounding this range we do want to acknowledge that there are many ways to become a mother whether your child was pushed out, pulled out or adopted! We are all mothers and deserve a treat like this xx



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