Stress & Anxiety – What is it and what can we do to help? We ask expert Becki Houlston

Stress and Anxiety? What are they and is there actually a difference between them? Us mums & dads are increasingly feeling the symptoms of stress and anxiety and so are our kids. We put so much pressure on ourselves to be the perfect mum, dad, wife, husband, sister, home maker, career woman, bread winner. We need to juggle fifty million things for the kids, school drops, parties, extra curricular activities, homework. The washing needs to be done, there’s bills to pay, dinner to make. There’s other family stress to factor in with elderly parents perhaps, marital issues. Sex Life?!!!!! Don’t even start us on the feelings of self worth and body image. Sometimes when we look in the mirror and we see a shadow of our former selves. What happened to that young care free woman with the slimmer figure and no bags under her eyes? The media is telling us we need to lose our baby weight and have great hair and a smile on our face. We shoulder so much day to day and many of us just keep on going never taking a minute to look after ourselves properly. Self care is just not high on our agenda, there’s just too much else to come first. It’s all adding up to one thing ‘Mumxiety’ and the mental health issues that so many of us are feeling.

Stress and Anxiety Expert Becki Houlston –

In Western parenting self neglect is huge and in trying to juggle everything what happens is, when you are empty and you keep going at some point that’s going to have an impact.

In this video ‘Stress and Anxiety Expert’ Becki Houlston chats with us about what the differences are between the two, root problems and finding your safe place. This is really important in understanding why we are having these symptoms so we can take steps to deal with the problems. She also gives us a great exercise that only takes a few minutes to help us find our reset button! Warning – It may bring a few tears as we found out!

Watch video below x


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