Speed cleaning – The Latest YouTube Craze

Tidying and cleaning! Love it or hate it? I personally don’t LOVE the act itself but I love the result! I’m not completely relaxed in an untidy room. A pretty tough position to be in when you have three kids not naturally compelled to tidy up after themselves!

I’ve always tried to encourage the kids not to get out more than one box of toys at a time and to put away one project or game before getting the next one out but the reality isn’t always my ideal. With all the sports activities and play dates we have tidying up time often gets left and we reach the time of day I’d rather the kids got to bed than half-heartedly tried to ‘help.’

Monday morning is my favourite time for getting on top of all the weekends chaos when I can reset things before I sit down to start work. 

I have been strangely enjoying watching the latest craze to sweep YouTube, Speed Cleaning. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I quite enjoy a sneaky peak at other people’s houses and also love the satisfaction of seeing a mess turned tidy. 

So I joined the ranks of other Mummy vloggers and filmed my Monday morning clean up! It’s not the easiest house to clean with driftwood bathroom, copper worktops and upstairs kids den with ropes to get downstairs but at least I managed to get it to a point I could sit down with my laptop and work without the distraction of a Playmobil zoo, muddy football boots and toothpaste smears everywhere……

Here it is…..my ‘Speed Cleaning’ vid. Give it a thumbs up if you like it or move onto another of our parenting vids if it’s not your thing!

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