Sleep Nanny – Jo Ryder Sleep Support Specialist

How do I get my baby to sleep through the night? This must be the most asked question by Mummy’s. Followed by so many other sleep related questions. What about controlled crying? Night feeds? Routine? Self soothing? Reflux? Night nannies?….. I asked so many friends if they had the answer and was given so many different replies. Strict routine, let them cry, settle them awake…..arghhhhh. Nothing seemed to work for me. Eventually I was so desperate after having my third child and two non-sleepers suffering from reflux that I called in Jo Ryder a sleep specialist to help. I was at the point where I would of remortgaged our house to have the support of a professional through the night.
Jo promised that in 5 nights, YES 5, she would crack the problem. She is one amazing lady and doesn’t believe in leaving babies to scream for hours with no response or reassurance. She is not a horrid matron nor does she have a magic wand. She turned up at my house with love and hugs for a broken, tired Mummy who needed sleep support.
A few years down the line, and with our Hey Mummy You tube channel providing so much support for other Mum’s, it made sense for Katy and I to interview Jo and share some of her wisdom with you all. She made a massive difference to Anna’s life and we hope you’ll benefit from this interview too. If you need more advice please comment and ask below or visit Jo’s website for more info at or follow her on Facebook.

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