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Cadbury and Channel mum have asked me to share my three daily most precious moments with my boys. After wondering how on earth I would be able to think of three daily moments I surprised myself by how many I could think of. Kisses at school drop off, cuddles and smiles at school pick up, giggling together or puzzle time with Ozzy. One to one time with Rocco……watching Diggy do well in  sports.
There was no doubt what daily moment was top of my list though, I LOVE kids bedtime. (Not just because I’m close to a moment of peace and adult time, Haha!) I love it because it’s the one time of day when all the energy, dramas and emotions are over and we can curl up together in bed, cuddle, read and be happy and relaxed before sleep time. If I haven’t managed to give the boys a moment of one to one time at any other point during the day this is my time to to do just that and give them my undivided attention. To talk, to listen to them read and to read to them. I never let an evening go by without having this precious moment with each of my boys. It’s golden time for us all.
Number two on my list is the time when we have table time together, no screens allowed. We play a game, do a puzzle, homework, art or crafts. We try and get some time doing this daily, it’s a great time to converse and create. The boys always like to play monopoly or guess who and Ozzy loves to do puzzles or drawing. Even though they never sit still or concentrate for very long we grab what attention span the boys have.
Last but very definitely not least is garden time. My three boys are most happy outdoors in nature. We spend time outside every day. Enjoying the freedom that we have in the garden. Wether role play, games of chase, trampolining or gardening together we are happy outside. Its precious time for us all.
So what are your special shared moments, we would love to know.  Make sure to share them using the hashtag #TasteLikeThisFeels and tag @channelmum on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook for your chance to WIN one of 5 digital cameras and a box of Cadbury chocolate buttons.

The competition closes at midnight Wednesday 6th July 2016. Terms and conditions apply:

Anna xx

PS. This video was sponsored by Cadbury Buttons but all views and opinions expressed in this video are my own and as we’ve said before here at Hey Mummy we only ever work with brands we really love and would genuinely recommend.

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