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Documenting your pregnancy is something that most women love to do but how far do you go to get that perfect shot frozen in time? Well this time around seeing as it is probably the last time that I will be pregnant I decided that I wanted to have the shots done professionaly instead of done with a self timer! But where do you go and what sort of shots do you get? Well you need to have a good look around on whats on offer for starters. It’s really important to find out as much as you can about the photographer and their set up. Check out their portfolio, do you like their shots and would you be happy doing the same style? How much skin would you like to show? There are beautiful naked pregnancy shots around but would you be comfortable doing this? Like me would you prefer to at least have underwear on?! Is it a male or female photographer and does that make a difference to you? Have a good look through the pricing and make sure there are no nasty surprises when it comes to buying the files or the prints. You may even want to see if you can pop by the studio to make sure it’s somewhere you would be happy to be photographed.

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I found all of this with Samira from Captured by Samira and had a really lovely day getting my bump, that was soon to become Ivy, documented forever. The best part of the whole thing was that we planned to also do a follow up shoot with the baby which made it all extra exciting. New born photography is a whole different ball game though. Babies don’t take direction, they poop and pee whenever they need to, nappy on or off, and they don’t wait for a lunch break to let you know they want feeding! All these things must be considered by the parent and the photographer. Here a a few things to think about if you want to do a new born shoot.

  • Is the photographer experienced with babies and new borns?
  • Are they a member of BANPAS Baby and Newborn Photography Association? This means your photographer works with every safety for you baby in mind and will never force your baby into uncomfortable and unsafe positions just to get a ‘cute’ shot. They will make sure the room is warm enough and always put your babies needs first.
  • If shooting with an older sibling make sure to book at a good time of day and week when he/she isn’t as likely to be really tired. Mornings are probably best and not after a busy week of nursery or school etc to avoid meltdowns! Bring extra entertainment for older siblings like books and colouring pencils.
  • As before, make sure you know about all the costs before the shoot so there are no nasty surprises!
  • Again have a good look through the photographers back catalogue to get an idea of the shots you want. But if your baby is not playing along on the day be prepared to let the shot go. A really good new born photographer may even say come back another day if the kids are not up for it that day. It’s no fun for anyone if the kids are unhappy and they must come first.


  • This picture is a good example of a shot that didn’t quite go to plan, the idea is the newborn is curled up cradled in your hands, while resting on a big bean bag even though it looks like you are holding them up in the air, you can see this being done in the video. Ivy did not want to stay curled up in my hands she wanted to keep kicking her legs about so we didn’t give it very long before we moved on.  It’s still a lovely picture though.

IMG_9440IMG_9414Samira was wonderful with Ivy and had the patience of a saint as Ivy did not want to sleep that day, she also peed and pooped all over her!! She managed to keep Tilda interested enough to get some great sister shots of my two along with lovely pics of my husband Fred who isn’t that comfortable in front of a camera! She also has a fantastic climbing frame outside which kept Tilda happy while other pictures where happening. I felt comfortable the whole time with her and really happy for her to photograph Ivy too. Check out the video to see behind the scenes and lots of the finished shots. I’m so happy with them. I particularly love the before and after with bump and then Ivy out in the real world! xx

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