Post Natal Depression & Breast Feeding Chat – Julie Whitehead Midwife & Lactation Consultant

Thousands of women suffer from Post Natal Depression every year and thankfully it’s an issue that is getting a brighter spotlight. However we are still a long way off from all mothers getting the support they really need. It’s so important to make sure to seek help and advice if you are feeling low during or after pregnancy.

Hey Mummy visited The Hub in Portsmouth to talk to Julie Whitehead – Midwife and lactation consultant, where there is an incredible centre which supports new mums in many ways from ante natal classes to PND support, breast feeding support, hypnobirthing even sleep support the list goes on. It’s an incredible centre, if only every town had one. Check out what they have to offer mums at

We talked to Julie about PND and breast feeding support in our latest video and hope that it may come of some help to anyone who is struggling.


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