Piles and Hemorroids, yep we wen’t there!

Hemorrhoids? Piles? Not really a great topic for conversation but we thought it needed to be discussed for that very reason. It’s yet another thing some of us Mammas have to cope with. Not fair at all is it? Along with all the other changes to our bodies through pregnancy and birth this one is just rotten!
I carried my first two babies (8.5lb and 9.5lb) with no sign of a ‘Pile’ in sight but third time round it was as though my body kind of gave up on me and fell apart. Piles was one of a few things that all appeared during my last pregnancy and got worse through labour. Uncomfortable and irritating and none of the creams seemed to help, popping them back in became the norm because the thought of having them ‘looked at’ or ‘seen too’ was something I really could not entertain at all.
I think for some lucky ladies, as varicose veins do, they can vanish after pregnancy and birth. I’m afraid for the rest of us it seems that surgery or living with them are the only options! Nice eh? I think I’ll just add it to the list of things that are completely different about my body since having babies.
I’d love to be one of the Mum’s that embraces all the stretch marks, piles and saggy skin but unfortunately I’m not. I don’t love the haemorrhoids, I can’t love them. They are not a lovely thing to remind me I grew my children inside me…..they are just plain horrible, right up there with stretch marks and droopy boobies!
As for answers, I don’t have any. Sorry! I’d imagine avoiding constipation is good and making sure you are not on your feet all day…..(impossible if it’s not your first baby or you are working!) I’m grateful I guess that I didn’t need surgery like some of you might do, please comment and let us know if you’ve suffered and have you found anything has helped? Join us in the conversation by watching our video and share the haemorrhoid love ladies! We have to laugh about these things don’t we or else we might cry…. xx

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