Pampers Preemie Protection – The Incredible Preemie Nappies

We so often only associate Pampers with the production of nappies and baby wipes and don’t appreciate all the other things they do, from parental support and product development to working with and donating to charities. Since we have been on the Pampers Baby Board we have loved finding out more about their work with, and alongside, some incredible charities. One of which is Bliss, the UK charity that provides the best possible care and support for premature or sick babies and their families.
Pampers have been developing and are now donating approximately three million preemie size P1 and P2 nappies to hospitals in the UK for premature babies each year and have now developed an even tinier size P3 nappy for babies weighing just 1lb 8oz or less. We were sent one to compare with a newborn nappy, it was incredible. When we opened it alongside the teddy from Bliss, that is about the size of a 24 week old baby, we were blown away with how tiny they are. The P3 nappy fits on the palm of our hand and looks more suited to a doll than a baby.
We both have close friends that have given birth to babies at 24 and 25 weeks and have seen how incredibly fragile and tough the first months of care really are. Imagine not being able to have physical contact in the usual way a parent would have with their newborn. So many worries and fears for the babies health and survival outside the womb at this stage.
It was the need for the ultimate preemie nappy that made pampers invest in developing the P1, 2 and 3 nappy, working with neonatal nurses and NICU. It’s a truly wonderful thing that these nappies are now available.
So not only are we celebrating the donation of these nappies to premature babies in the UK but Pampers have also started a campaign asking all parents to share photos on social media of their little ones with a raised fist to celebrate the amazing fighting spirit that premature babies show every day. Pampers will be donating £1 to Bliss for EVERY single picture shared using #powerofbabies. What a simple way to get behind and support this campaign and help the charity continue its great work!
Please click subscribe, like and share this video and tell us your story if you had a premature baby. Make sure to join us raising money for Bliss charity by using the hashtag #powerofbabies with your pictures.
*Disclaimer – This is a paid for promotion as part of our year on the Pampers Baby Board.

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