Packing your hospital Bag

From around 36 weeks you really need to have started thinking about your hospital bag. Some people would say have it done even sooner! It’s an exciting time as it means you are getting really close to having your baby but it also gives you a nice job to do. Waiting at the end of pregnancy can be frustrating so having something to focus on is really nice. It’s also quite a personal thing. What will you pack? There are certain things that everyone needs but there are also those add ins that will be down to the individual, TENS machines or a music play list. There are certainly some things that you will pack that won’t even make it out of the bag and you will look back at and laugh. In this video Katy shares whats gone into hers second time around and tells us what she forgot the first time, just proving that you think you are super organised and then you forget something! Some of these things you may never need but sometimes it’s just nice to give yourself a task while you’re waiting for your baby to arrive.

Is there anything you would add to her bag? Has she forgotten something you couldn’t have done without?!


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