If you have ever tried to wrestle a baby or toddler into a nappy then you can join our club! Some babies may well just lie there and happily gurgle at you while you change them and all is right with the world, but this has NOT been the case with any of our five kids! In this video we discuss some of our crazy nappy experiences! The wriggling, wrestling, grappling moments when we have tried to stop our babies and toddlers from leaving us both needing a good bath. Anna even owns up to not quite understanding how best to change potty training nappy first time around.
Thank goodness for videos like this to help us out and also thanks to Pampers who have brought us all a solution, our favourite Active Fit nappies but…….pants!! These Active Fit nappy pants might just elevate you to ‘super nappy changer’ status overnight!
You simply put them on like you would a pair of pants and the job is done, no holding your kid down with one arm or leg while you try and stick down side tapes. They aren’t just handy when your kids start to potty train either, they are fab for wriggly babies through to toddlers. So check out our video and find out how Katy got on with Ivy, the master wriggler, and obviously how fantastic they can be if you are short of a fancy dress outfit too!!!
*This post contains paid for promotion.

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