Me Time – Do you take any?

Me Time, ha. The elusive window of time that so many of us as mums just don’t get a chance to take very often. Perhaps like Katy you are quite good at knowing when you really need it and aren’t ashamed to take it. Or may be you are like Anna who not only feels mum guilt for herself but will then also feel guilty for her other mum friends if she is taking it and they aren’t!!

What is me time to you? Is it simply a child free bath or a run, bike ride or yoga class. Perhaps it’s going shopping without the kids and pushchairs and little hands pulling on your coat asking for chocolate or ice cream. Whatever it it it’s so important to take it, if you feel like you are always running on empty and on a treadmill of school runs, laundry, homework, cleaning, washing and then never getting a good night sleep then at some point you WILL burn out. Hey we’ve all had a little cry in the shower when we think no one can hear us. So just taking even an hour to feel like an individual again is something that not only benefits ourselves but benefits those around us. If you are happy then that can keep the whole treadmill going in a positive direction. I think most can agree if Mummy is down or falling apart then the whole thing comes down like a house of cards.

In this video we chat about the importance of Me Time but also how it can be a difficult thing to take, sometimes it’s easier said than done!


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