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Last Christmas I decided that I wanted to start a little tradition with my daughter. Nothing too crazy just a little something that she might remember doing with me when she gets older and the same for her baby sister as she grows up. I love the magic of Christmas, the story of Santa and his reindeer, the lights, tree, nativity, sparkle, carols and most importantly the family occasion of us all getting together. Now that I have children I love being with the rest of my family from Christmas eve as the excitement really starts there.

There are many traditions that have happened naturally over the years. Normally it would be me awake first and I would see my stocking at the end of my bed and run to my sisters room, jump on her bed and wake her up. She and I would then delve our arms into the stocking at the same time and bring out toys and treats like for like. The day would normally start with a family fry up with bucks fizz, juice for us kids, and then it would be Christmas films and Terry’s Chocolate orange while my mum would prepare the Christmas dinner for about 4pm . In our family we always do tree presents after dinner, as a kid that took all the patience in the world but we managed it and also had our stocking to keep us going throughout the day. More family would arrive, dinner would be served and then my dad would ‘play santa’ and hand out the presents to us all. It’s pretty much still that way to this day but of course now I have my own kids.

So when it comes to getting things ready for Santa we do the usual mince pie and brandy but last year I decided to get Tilda involved and make some ‘Magic Reindeer Food’. It’s so incredibly simple but she gets so excited over it. It’s also a really nice gift for her to give to her friends.

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All you will need is Oats, table sprinkles (or edible glitter for homes with pets) piping bags & ribbon and of course a little magic! So without further ado, have a look at the video Tilda and I made for Channel Mum. Please let us know if you do something similar or if you think you might try it this year, we would love to hear from you.

Happy Christmas!

Katy xx

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