Legoland Windsor

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Was a theme park like Legoland on your summer to do list? Perhaps you are looking for one last horrah before the kids go back to school?! Or like Anna where you hoping you could avoid the craziness of theme park frenzy.

Well like every other parent this long long summer Anna has been desperately trying to keep her 4 boys entertained to try and save her own sanity. I say 4 boys because her husband has been home for most of the summer (he travels a lot with work!). As you can imagine with that much energy running around the house her usual plan for the day is to just get them the heck outside and has always maintained that they should be there from morning until bedtime just playing in the great outdoors!!! There’s only so many places you can take them though before they want something more than making their own fun, so where do you go?

Now I should tell you that Anna hates theme parks. Hates them. Doesn’t like rides, doesn’t like the craziness and commercialism, hates junk food, hates what it does to her kids, hates what it does to her husband. Get the picture? So when she saw a deal online for Legoland she did think twice, but when it came down to it she knew the boys would love it. So she sucked up her worries about how the day would go and packed up the kids and husband into the car along with the usual snacks, extra clothes and got ready for an hours drive of “Are we nearly there yet?” and headed to for Windsor.

Check out our Hey Mummy video to see how the day went and get a full round up of what Anna thought was great about Legoland and just as importantly what she didn’t.

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