Last Day of Summer Chaos – Day in the Life with the Cribbs

Katy and I are often asked why we don’t do more ‘day in the life’ videos. My reply is often that with three boys my hands are very full already without adding a camera to the mix. There are so many beautiful and special moments with my kids that I wish I had caught on camera but generally our day to day lives are wild, crazy and I often feel like I’ve spent my day on roller skates trying to juggle my way through the day…..who on earth would want to watch our craziness?

So for those of you that asked, here is our last day of the school summer holidays……..The gaps in the day were probably the bits you’d like to see even more but without a film crew I couldn’t get those bits recorded…..there is a missing meltdown (one of the boys not me!) that I didn’t think was fair to share either but it happened believe me!!
The summer holidays this year were great. We had so much fun but it was also a very long time for us to all be together. I got quite emotional after I dropped them to school the next day, even though I couldn’t wait to get back to our routine and get their brains working again at school I really missed them being around me. The constant questions and needs that were exhausting me the days before were suddenly missed. School pick up was lovely. Later in the day. We had all missed being together. Anna. X

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