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IMG_3766Wetsuits are to me as a mum of 3 very active, energetic boys the upside and the downside to watersports and water play…..I love seeing my kids enjoying the sea but I really hate the putting on and taking off wetsuits!!  Even Rocco my nine year old needs help to pull the trunk down then peel the legs off while he shivers on the beach. Any mum who has put their kids into wetsuits will know what I’m talking about, water play lasts longer but when all your kids need helping out of those clingy, rubber wet suits on a windy, sandy beach you might wish you’d opted for a sandcastle competition instead.
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At last Saltskin have come up with what I think are the first fun and funky designs for kids wetsuits. Me and my boys LOVE their animal print designs and therefore are much happier to put them on. It doesn’t change the process but adds a fun element to it. Another plus is that your kids are super easy to spot on even the most crowded beach and the different designs bring in so many smiles and comments from everyone.
Currently Saltskin only make their animal print kids wetsuits in 3mm thickness so they need to develop some warmer options for UK winters, Yup, we like to be on the beach and in the water in the winter months too!!
So we got our boys some Saltskin wetsuits and headed out to Fuerteventura for a holiday mostly spent in the sea. Everyday we were playing, surfing and sailing in and on the water, although the air temp was warm and the sea wasn’t too cold wearing wetsuits meant the kids could stay in the water for longer. (A 3mm wetsuit does just the job if it’s not too cold.) I even had time to get on my new Ripcurl suit and go play in the waves too!!

Earlier in the year we headed to Kimmeridge to enjoy the beautiful coastline closer to home. Thicker more pro developed wetsuits were needed so we got the boys super warm 5mm thick wetsuits. There are some fantastic, warm wetsuits to choose from. Good makes include O’neill, Quicksilver, Ion, Animal, Ripcord and Billabong.  If you go into any surf shop they would hopefully stock some of these for your kids and help you get the right size. (They can be expensive but it’s worth spending the money on the better brands) It’s also worth noting that a wetsuit too big for you will let water in and you’ll be cold so make sure it’s a snug fit. – Unlike the kids school uniforms that I normally get a good few sizes too big to last!! 😉
The boys would normally slowly turn blue in UK water and not last long before needing a warm towel and layers of clothes on to warm up but having good wetsuits made ALL the difference. They were warm and happy in the sea for hours. No blue lipped, shivering kids to deal with! We had LOADS of fun together in the water all together and nobody was in a rush to get out.
Note from Daddy, windsurfer…..make sure you always play with kids in the sea where it is safe. Watch out for rocks, rips and currents. Check if there is a lifeguard on duty and what the flags mean on the beach before you go in.
Also make sure you rinse your wetsuit in fresh water after use so that it will dry and to make sure it lasts.
A big Hey Mummy thumbs up for wetsuits and watersports. Get your kids out there in the elements and have fun.
Anna x

NB. This is not a paid for post. All wetsuits were bought by Anna and her family x

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