Kids, Hospitals and Emergencies – We share our stories.

Should I call 999? My child is not breathing! Do I need an ambulance? Should I go to A and E? These are the questions that, sadly as parents, we might have to ask or search the internet to find the right course of action for.
Katy and I have both been in situations where we wish we knew the answers to these questions. As parents we are responsible for the wellbeing of our babies and children and unfortunately all too often accidents happen, or situations arise that we need to deal with fast and sometimes make life changing snap decisions on the right course of action to take.
So do we panic or do we cope calmly when the lego piece gets stuck up our little ones nose or a leg gets broken on the trampoline? Active toddler falling down the stairs or baby unable to breathe? These are all situations that Katy and I have had to deal with and it’s not easy.
I will certainly never forget the first time I needed the paramedics because I found my baby blue with foam in his mouth and eyes rolled back…..the next few hours were traumatic and unfortunately for me they were the first time of many I would need to call 999.
Sitting in an ambulance holding an oxygen mask on your little one listening to the siren and trying to work out how to take a breath yourself is a pretty intense situation to be in. In this video Katy and I discuss how we got through and how we reacted and coped with these experiences.
Unfortunately for me I developed a routine. I would carry my baby downstairs, open the door on the way past so that the paramedics could get into the house, then I would put the home phone onto loud speaker so it was handsfree so I could talk to the emergency operator whilst putting my son into recovery position and would keep talking to him so he could hear me although he couldn’t respond.
All of this was repeatedly traumatic for me as well as my little ones and although I coped well at the time the after-effects would be yet to come in the years after. In this video we hope to encourage Mum’s who have been through trauma with their own children to talk it through with professionals and get help and support before you risk the knock-on effects of shouldering the stress and strain themselves.
We are so very lucky in this country to have fantastic healthcare and emergency support at the end of the phone….. Dialling 111 for NHS Direct if you are unsure is an invaluable service and our hospital A & E and paramedic service is amazing. I am eternally grateful for the wonderful care my boys and I have received over time.

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