Kids Crafts – Fun with Air Dry Clay


Clay is one of our favourite things to craft with. It’s natural, messy, and a blank canvas for children to create with. We have enjoyed making all sorts of things with air dry clay over the years. Animals, pots, pretend food, tiles, letters, numbers…..etc. You can buy it from places like from somewhere like The Works or Hobbycraft.
It’s lovely to see what ideas your child might have and then discuss how to go about making it. I really love seeing the kids working with a natural product instead of another kit or pre prepped craft activity like we so often do. I try to take time out from my long list of chores and work alongside them. It’s a fab time to talk, design, help, work as a team and bond with your kids whilst creating together.
One tip worth pointing out here, learned from my mistakes, is pre prep with any messy craft activity is key! Put a wipeable mat down, gather all the tools and prep a bowl of soapy warm water and a towel to plunge those hands into at the end. You’ll be so happy you did that one when you are both covered in clay!
Even though children love working with clay and it is a fun activity it’s also educational and developmental as it encourages their coordination, motor skills, creativity and imagination.
I decided to work with each one of the boys individually to avoid our craft session turning into a clay fight or one of our out of control mess sessions with no recognisable finished products to display! (Yep any excuse for one of those.) It was really lovely to have this ‘one on one’ time with each boy and times like this make a difference for both of us. unspecified-2
After buying the air dry clay, prepping hand washing station and laying out all tools on the mat Rocco chose to make a coil pot, winding on our sausage strings onto his base. A fantastic pressie for a relative or neighbour after you’ve had it on display for a bit. Ozzy made a pig, he was really proud of it although it didn’t last too long when he tried to play with it alongside all his other plastic farm animals. Digs chose to make a super easy pinch pot. Created by making a ball of clay and pushing our thumbs into the middle then working it out into a pot shape.
Our left over clay was wrapped in a damp cloth and put in a bag to save for the next time.
We were all happy with our craft morning and the results. A big thumbs up for clay days!! Hope you enjoy the video below. Please click subscribe for more from Hey Mummy.
Anna. x


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