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We have been asked to review quite a few health or beauty related products since we started Hey Mummy and have had to turn down many as after a few trials we realised that because of our jobs it is too risky testing products that could cause any negative effects or cause reactions or outbreaks that would not be good on camera. We consider all product offers and reviews but take a lot of time researching any that are health or skin related. So we made sure to consider all aspects of Juice Plus before we tried it. The fact that this is a supplement that isn’t full of strange additives that we can’t pronounce meant that we were both happy to give it a go. Here are the results from both of us.

NB. We were not paid for this blog post but we were gifted the product.


KATY – I like to think of myself as a relatively healthy person. That’s what I like to think anyway. In reality I’m not. I drink too much wine, eat too much cheese, I don’t do enough exercise and sometimes my major food group for the day has been bagel. So when Scott Henley asked Anna and I if we would like to try a supplement that promised giving you your vegetable and fruit nutrients for the day in one fell swoop, I was in. I had tried vitamins before and had never really seen any differences but I still felt better knowing that I was taking them.  After my first pregnancy, when I lost a lot of hair, I tried vitamins that were designed to target hair and nails with no major results but still I figured it couldn’t hurt if nothing happens with Juice Plus.

So let me tell you about the pills, I’m not going to lie, they are quite big and you have to take 6, 2 of each type Berry blend, Vegetable blend and Fruit blend. I don’t particularly like swallowing pills so I was a little apprehensive. I got used to them very quickly though as part of my morning routine with a large glass of water.


What did I notice first? Well I have never had what you would call ‘problem skin’, I don’t suffer from breakouts but I do have a problem with dry, dull looking skin. My mother will always be the first to let me know if I am look a little grey! I’ve tried every rich night and day cream but they never seemed to give me the moisture I needed. But suddenly in the matter of a week I noticed that my skin was in much better shape. It took the moisturiser in far more efficiently and it felt softer and looked brighter.

Then over the next few weeks I noticed the most exciting thing. My hair regrowth! I lost a lot of hair after having Ivy, as you can see in the picture below, it had thinned out a lot around the front of my hair line. You can really see my scalp! I don’t think it can just be coincidence that this regrowth just suddenly happened at the same time as using Juice Plus. Below are some ‘after’ Juice Plus pictures too. You can see that you can’t see my scalp any more. I have tried my best to show all the new baby hair growing through so you can see it. IMG_2761

FullSizeRender-1 FullSizeRender

As for energy levels, I do think that I felt like I was running on a fuller tank than before even if it was still emptied by the end of each day. Ivy has been teething and I don’t think there is anything other than a magic wand that would have had me still skipping by the end of the day. I am really happy with the results I had from using Juice Plus.


ANNA – I have always been very conscious of what I eat and how I take care of my body, I would certainly not still be modelling at my age if I didn’t. My Mum taught me a skincare routine very young and I have cleansed, toned and moisturised daily since. The older I get (and the more kids I’ve had) the more important it is to look after myself both inside and out. What I put into and onto my body has considerable effect the closer I get to 40!
Being a Mum has really taken its toll on me. Mentally and physically having three energetic boys has made it so difficult to keep up my balanced diet and keep my energy levels above zero!!
From the day they were born my children’s diet has been a great concern for me too. I know that a balanced diet is key to healthy living. Setting up my children with good healthy habits now will hopefully set them up for great healthy futures.
Unfortunately my middle boy Diggory was born with severe silent reflux. It was an extremely tough time for the whole family and we spent a lot of time in hospital as a result of it. The reflux left Diggory with damage to his oesophagus that sadly caused long term sleep and food associations that have nearly broken me as a Mummy.
As a child that has a very restricted diet (Pasta, cheese and porridge!!) Diggory causes me, and his teachers a lot of concern…..When Scott Henley approached Hey Mummy and challenged us to trial Juice Plus I looked into it. One thing Diggory loves is sugar or sweets so Scott’s claim that the Juice Plus gummies for kids are ‘loved like sweets’ I thought Diggory had to give it a go…..
I would NOT have given my boys Juice Plus if it had contained any added sugar or sweeteners as I find it really shocking how many so called vitamins and supplements contain either of these. Me and the boys are always really careful to read ingredients on any packaging before we buy any product. Juice Plus supplements are made from whole foods, no awful extras, just fruit, veg and grains. Yes, I would love to be a mum that could say the food and drink that I give my boys gives them the complete balanced diet they need for a healthy lifestyle but unfortunately if Im honest, they don’t. We try really hard and it has taken me years to get Diggory to accept new tastes and textures daily but finding the Juice Plus gummies has helped me knowing that he has a little bit extra.
It was no problem at all getting the Juice Plus gummies in……the boys LOVED them. In fact too much!! I had to hide the packets once they had had their RDA!
Yes I think I could see a difference in Diggory. (Not that he ever needs any extra energy….that has never been an issue!) Concentration and moods though I would say were improved during our trial.


Having seen that and heard Katy’s positive review after having baby Ivy I decided I also wanted to start my own trial of the adult Juice Plus capsules. In the first week I witnessed hair regrowth where I have been shedding hair post baby and from stress and anxiety. My energy levels also increased and I am keen to continue with the trial.
Although I am just starting my own trial I would highly recommend the Juice Plus kids and adult supplements. Although nothing will give me back 7 years of broken sleep and 10 years of Mummy stress anything that helps is massively welcome.
Give Juice Plus a go yourselves and let us know if you notice any changes. We would love to hear if you love it or hate it. With any adult supplements ordered I believe kids gummies come free. There is loads to read up on at www.juiceplus.com



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