Introducing a new baby to siblings

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Having another baby is an exciting time but of course it also comes with it’s bumps in the road. One of which is easing any older siblings into the change that’s going to happen in all of your lives. This can come with problems so you’re going to want to try a few things to make it as smooth a transition as possible. Easier said than done 😉

Anna has had to do this twice and had different reactions both times with her boys, proving the same tips don’t always work on every child. I have just been through it and Tilda’s reaction was perhaps one I hadn’t considered, see the video to find out what that was.

Here are some of the tips that were given to both of us over the years and from some of our lovely Hey Mummy viewers on our facebook page. Hopefully they may be of some help to you, feel free to add any tips in the comments that did or didn’t work for you.

  •  Keep the older children’s routines as much as possible
  •  Buy a present from the baby to their big sister or brother and equally go and choose something with the older child to give to the new baby.
  •  Be honest, explain to them that babies are a lot of work and you must be very gentle with them.
  •  Include them with the baby tasks. Ask them to run and grab a nappy or help them choose what the baby wears that day.
  •  Prep activities before the baby is born that can be done at home in between feeding and changing etc for some one on one time. Craft packs etc.
  •  Put the baby in the cot when the older children meet him/her for the first time so they don’t immediately see mummy with new baby in arms and possibly feel they have been pushed out.
  • Ask visitors to go to older siblings first and say hello and congratulate them on becoming big sisters/brothers. Some visitors may want to bring a small gift for them too. But as Katy found and shared in the video this can also get a bit much.
  • Give them final name choice!! A number of Hey Mummy viewers told us that they gave their older child the two top name choices and let them decide.
  • Make feeding time reading time, this is a really nice way to include the older child. Snuggled up on sofa for breast or bottle feeding and getting to read favourite stories together can be really special. This is also nice for a DVD treat too, we aren’t above using a bit of Disney for some quiet time!! 🙂
Check out the video and see which of these tips worked for us and how our kids reacted to the new arrivals!

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