IKEA LATTJO – Come Home To Play



The boys and I were so exited to be asked to do a blog for Channel Mum. We were to receive a box of IKEA products and film how we got on with them.

Doing any creative, artistic project with all three of my boys can be a tricky task. To have all three of them focusing on the same thing at the same time very rarely happens. As for all three of them being led in any kind of orderly task, this was a mission we might never be able to complete.

With Katy behind the camera, the boys and I opened our present from IKEA. Inside the lovely treasure box was a fancy dress outfit for each child.

You may already know that I have a real hatred of fancy dress outfits made from polyester and other synthetic materials, shiny, cheap outfits that the children sweat and itch in. These were completely different. The three costumes were fantastic! One perfectly suited to each boy. There was no need for acting, prompting or direction. The boys loved them. As well as the costumes there was a selection of musical instruments. Once again all quality items. All made from durable wood, cotton and metal.

Rocco took the bird of prey costume. On went leg covers, cape and mask. Immediately into character, the role play began. Diggory makes a perfect Robot, suiting his strong dynamic character. Little Ozzy just loved transforming himself (with a little help) into a bat. The only disappointment was that there was no costume in the box for me!

With costumes on and already in character we shared out the musical instruments. Rehearsals (Chaos) began. Being a mum of three boys I can never stand us all being inside together for long. The noise level and physical energy is always better suited to being outside. Fresh air, nature and space are all things we need daily in our family so after an initial exploration of the items we were sent we headed through the backdoor into the garden for some more fun.

We formed a band, marched, danced, played, imagined, created, interacted, and had a load of crazy fun. When asked where what Diggory thought the ‘Cribb band’ could end up he was pretty confident that wembley arena would be on our tour list in the near future.


I shop at IKEA often to enjoy their quality home products produced with a high standard of modern design at affordable prices. From now on though it won’t just be fittings and furniture for our home on my shopping list. I’d happily take the boys along to shop for more kids products. The fancy dress and percussion instruments were so well designed and made they are still used daily by the boys and their friends. A MASSIVE Hey Mummy 10 out 10 for IKEA.

Ikea is a brand that we associate with fun, products for families like ours. We love the practical, gorgeous fun things they design and produce for kids and parents, homes and gardens where fun family time is spent together. We love what the IKEA brand represents and makes affordable for everyone. We enjoy having FUN everyday, wild and crazy, muddy, creative, IKEA FUN!!

Anna x


Here’s what Rocco had to say –

I was so happy when mummy told us IKEA had sent me and my brothers some presents. We made a fun video for IKEA to say thank you. My favourite outfit was my eagle costume but Ozzy looked so cute in his bat costume as well. We made loads of noise which is normal in our house so Mummy sent us all into the garden. My favourite part was flying down the zip wire with my eagle cape on, being a bird of prey was so cool. Thank you very much IKEA, please send more presents. From Rocco. X


IKEA really have played a blinder with their new LATTJO range, the costumes are pretty neutral too so girls and boys alike would be happy in them. The costumes can be bought for their separate elements but you can buy the whole costume for just £22 which we think is great value. Why not check them out and see it for yourself. LATTJO range




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