How to save your family money – Money Saving Tips from Channel Mum

There are some really simple changes that you can make to save you some money when shopping and plenty of ways to entertain the kids without spending a penny. Check out the latest video Katy collaborated on for Channel Mum with some of the other lovely mummy vloggers. It’s just some of the ways to make those vouchers go further, alternatives to soft play and resources to tap into in your local area.

We couldn’t do every single tip out there but I’m sure we will do more of these videos in the future so if you have some ideas that we really must do then let us know. Things like using a toy library, or places that are doing great meal deals. Morrison’s for example let kids eat free during the week in their cafe if you buy an adult meal. Don’t forget to use your local parks, some of them now have outdoor gym equipment to help you exercise and they are totally free. No expensive gym memberships necessary!

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