How to get rid of nits – Yep we’ve had them!

Aaaaaaahhhh Nits!!!!! Head lice!! Bleugh! Not fun eh? Perhaps you’ve been lucky enough to dodge that bullet. Anna had managed to keep nits away for 10 years with the help of Tea Tree based products but they eventually found her middle son. I also had the fun of clearing nits from my daughters long and very curly hair. But how do you get rid of nits? Do you go for Hedrin, Lyclear, natural remedy, nitty gritty comb, GHD’s? Yes GHD’s!!! Do you hide it shamefully, or in our opinion do the right thing and make sure those around you and your school know that the little critters are on the lose! Here’s our tips and a nice reminder that your kids having nits does NOT make you a neglectful parent!!

Along with the video we thought it would be helpful to give you these pictures here too!! What does a nit even look like and whats a head louse?!

This is a nit – The egg which a head louse comes out of!! Little rice like thing that clings to the hair and won’t shake out.

Lice – This is a head louse – the little ratbag that causes all the drama!

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