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I am going to be completely honest here, when we were asked if we would like to try some of the Hotter Shoes range I wasn’t convinced we were going to find anything that would be our style. I knew they were great quality shoes I just wasn’t sure if they were for us. I have learned in this case that the old adage of ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ has been proven.

I am a boot wearer through and through and have a bit of a thing for ankle boots, I have at least 6 pairs in different colours and styles so this was what I homed in on. My first choice was actually a pair called Ivy, perfect seeing as that is the name of my second daughter. They were a biker style boot, something that I’ve wanted to get for while but struggle to get a nice pair due to my giant feet!! Sadly everyone else thought they were nice too and were pretty much sold out in every size. I then saw a pair of chelsea style boots and knew they would be perfect for me, not only did they do a size 9, don’t be too horrified, but they were flat and exactly what I need for running around after the kids. They are smart too, who says we have to be in comfortable unstylish ‘mum shoes’ to go about our daily lives? I’m just about coming out of the frumpy new baby phase and I’m starting to reassess my wardrobe. Now I am getting used to juggling two kids a bit more I can sometimes take ten minutes to actually put an outfit together rather than just grab whatever looks/smells remotely clean! These boots work with my skinny jeans and I think I will also be able to team them with tights and a skirt for a more casual/smart look and they will be easy to grab and go. I tend to live in flats a lot of the time now too as I suffer with my back, it was particularly bad during my second pregnancy so I have to be aware of that, so a these Shawbury boots really are ticking all the boxes. I really love how they look and feel.



It was my preconceived idea about the Hotter shoes brand that made me reluctant to agree to Katy when she suggested we try some ‘Hotter’ Shoes/Boots to review. I agreed that if I could find a pair that I liked the look of then we could try them out. Pleasantly surprised as I scrolled on down the page I came across some nice boots. I chose Briony in Black, size 6. They looked lovely online despite not being the platform stiletto heel that normally win me over!

Since becoming a mummy I have had to get over my love of the high heel or dramatic 6 inch wedge for most occasions. Stepping out the door with a toddler, baby in a papoose or a pushchair generally forces the need of a sure footed, speedy responding parent. My days of clip clopping along at my own pace are gone! I now look for a comfortable, supportive shoe or boot with enough grip to make chase at any moment and avoid embarrassing falls whilst clinging to toddlers or pushchairs.

The boots arrive and my first impression was good, they looked smart, oozed quality and the sole was undoubtedly designed with comfort and support in mind. I am a convert! The boots are super comfy and are definitely my go to footwear item this winter for day trips, school runs and general wear including evenings out. It’s hard to find comfortable, sensible but also stylish footwear.


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Thanks to Hotter Shoes for sending us the boots and an extra big thank you to our friend John for taking the pics and lending us his garden!! If you have dogs you may want to check out his site

Katy and Anna x

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