Health & Fitness for busy mums – Top Tips with Scott Henley

When you are a busy, tired mum (or dad!) you don’t always have time to think about yourself. We are so busy sorting everyone else out that we forget about ourselves. Isn’t it funny how we are always thinking about how to get the kids out to run around or badgering them to eat more vegetables when perhaps we haven’t had anywhere near our five a day or managed to get in a run. In fact going for a run, on your own seems like an absolute luxury. I know when I hit about 3pm all I want to do is feed my face enormous amounts of cake! Then when it comes to kids dinner I have been known to add a few extra chicken nuggets or fish fingers to the oven dish just because I fancy them. I’ll then have dinner later on too. So what little changes can we make to our day to try and combat the sugary snack attack and how do we burn a few extra calories when we can’t make it to the gym? Well Scott Henley, Health and Fitness Expert is here to help us.

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