Halloween Yea or Nay?

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Halloween, a time for ghosts and witches, trick or treating and a just little bit of mischief right? Well right if you’re talking to Katy, wrong if you’re talking to Anna! This is one of those times of year that divides opinion. Is it just another Americanised Commercialised event? Perhaps, but does that make it wrong? Katy thinks the kids love it so why not embrace it? Anna feels that it’s not something you want to encourage kids to get involved in. We spend the rest of the year telling kids not to take sweets from strangers and not to play nasty tricks on people, then on the 31st October we turn around and say go for it! Katy thinks you can do it safely and if you don’t want to be involved then shut your blinds and don’t answer the door, simple.

In this video Katy and Anna are going head to head in this discussion of Halloween Yea or Nay!


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