Gossip Gallery – What’s in a Name?

Baby names. You’ve thought long and hard and finally come to a decision on a name for your child, you love it, it’s perfect. Then when you announce it you are met with stunned silences, blank faces or even messages from people saying ‘really?!!’ Your family may even tell you they think you should change it. Well a few weeks ago a French court ruled that a couple should be banned from naming their child ‘Nutella’ and made them register her as Ella. In this particular case they kinda had a point but where do we draw the line? In this Gossip Gallery Katy and Anna chat about the names that people have questioned and the reactions some of their names have brought out. Katy is still looking for the perfect name for her new baby girl that’s due in April so if you have any suggestions pop them in the comments. Anna has very graciously offered her girls name that she never got to use but what will Katy think of it?!

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