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With Tilda starting school in September, Katy and I have been thinking and talking a lot about preparing children for starting school. We’ve been discussing how far parents should go trying to get them ready for it all and what are all the do’s and don’ts for Katy and Tilda over the next month before the big first day. As my three boys have all started school already we’ve also been talking about how differently I prepared Rocco, my firstborn to Ozzy my last…..
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The one thing that can never be disputed, the perfect prep for starting school is reading. No parent can read too much with their children. It’s the gateway to all learning and there are some very sad statistics that many children are not read to at home at all. That breaks my heart as a Mummy who reads to my boys daily. Books don’t even have to cost money. Local libraries have a fantastic selection of books for children as well as adults and you can often take home unlimited books to enjoy at home for free. All my boys love a trip to the library (not when I initially suggest the idea of course, but when we are there I never regret it) Katy and I both appreciate new stories to read to the kids at bedtime too. (However lovely The Gruffalo may be, the thousandth time of reading it in a week is pretty painful!)
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Finding fun educational games and tools is also a big winner. There are some fantastic fun games that help teach children through play, to recognise letters, their name, colours, fruit, everyday items. I used to have labels on everything in the house so that my boys could start to recognise words and names for things. e.g table, door, fridge, cupboard, chair. Katy and I have been using the Leapfrog Leapstart learning system too, Tilda has the preschool version and Ozzy the school age Leapstart. They have been a great hit in both houses and have a fantastic range of educational learning systems for children pre-school to school age. Both Ozzy and Tilda are learning through play. They have used their Leapstart together, alone and with family members. It’s kind of cute that with mummies who blog and vlog, and therefore spend quite a bit of time on laptops, the kids think they have their own ‘computers’ too!
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Ozzy & Tilda’s Leapfrog Leapstart’s have already been used a lot and have been worth getting for the children as they’ve had great fun using their motor skills to control the stylus and developing hand eye co-ordination at the same time as learning about the world we live in. Recognising letters and being rewarded for managing to complete tasks on each page of the books that work in the Leapstart has been a great success. Once again a winning system developed by Leapfrog for learning through play. We are definitely fans of these and lots of the other Leapfrog tools that can help prep your preschooler and support the children that are already at school. A big Hey Mummy thumbs up for these, thanks leapfrog!
Check out the sponsored video we did with Channel Mum on how we are getting the kids ready for school.

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