Exercise after babies, or lack of it!!

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So how do you get back into shape after having kids? It’s so hard to find the time, the energy and the inclination. We are bombarded with pics of celebrities who have gone back to being perfect size 8’s weeks after giving birth and it puts an awful lot of pressure on us. Both Katy and Anna were really lucky first time around and found it fairly easy to bounce back into shape after their first babies (although not in a matter of weeks thats for sure) but now after Anna’s had 3 big boys her pelvic floor is like a punctured inflatable and is trying not to wee when she walks let alone runs. Katy is finding that after having had Ivy 8 months ago she has made it to 3 gym classes and couldn’t lift her body weight in a single press up. Catching her stretched tummy hanging over her pants has been enough to bring on the tears too. We may not have all the answers in this video but we know we’re not alone and that plenty of you can relate. This would be a great place to share any tips on how you got yourself back in shape, if you managed it. It’s also really important to stress that this is about getting back to our healthy selves not skinny selves!!


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