Epidurals – Maz’s Story

In the UK a drug free birth is hugely encouraged with the offers of drugs given on a sliding scale of weakest to strongest and the pressure on mothers can be pretty fierce. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that keeping your baby as drug free as possible from the get go is better for them but it’s also a matter of cost to the NHS. If we were in the US it would be standard to have an epidural as the first point of call and not think twice about it (that is if you have health insurance!). So is having an epidural something that you would love to be able to go for? When you think of going through labour, drug free, does it send you into a head spin that makes you want to feint?! Well in this video we talk to Maz who had a pretty tough pregnancy by all accounts so when it came to her birth plan there was no question, why the hell would she want to go through that pain after 9 incredibly hard months? Here’s her story..

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