Easy Kids Chicken Curry with Sarah


If you’ve often thought that cooking curry was too challenging for you, then you need to try this recipe! Sarah taught Anna and I to make two fantastic easy dishes that all the family can enjoy and this is the first. Sarah’s easy kids chicken curry. This is a one bowl, throw it all in and cook recipe. If you want to add some heat, as Sarah says throw in some chillies.

You are going to need –

Chicken Curry

2 Chicken Breasts

2 Small Onions – Sarah used Shallots but small onions are fine too

3 Chopped Tomatoes

Mixed Curry Powder


Garlic & Ginger Paste


This would feed 3 kids. For adults use 1 chicken breast per adult.

Now watch the video for the method.

It’s soooooo simple, I’ve now cooked it twice since and I will be making this again and again in future. The great thing is you can tweak it to your taste. If you are introducing the kids to stronger flavours for the first time you may want to add less curry powder perhaps, or more if they are already loving it. Add chillies for more of a kick or more tomatoes if that’s your taste. It’s a great dish to make just how you like it. Go on give it a try, it’s my new go to dish to whip up for friends and family. Oh yes even Tilda has given it the thumbs up!

Thanks so much to Sarah for teaching us how to make it. Keep an eye out for her ‘Swanky Potatoes’ video that’s coming really soon.

Katy xx

Here’s me giving it a go!



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