Earth Day – Teaching our kids to be Green

We were thinking about the effect we are having on our environment this week, particularly because 22nd April is Earth Day. It’s getting more and more important everyday for us all to think about our wastage as a family. So the boys and I thought about a few small changes or activities that might make us and others consider the impact we are having on our climate and the world we live in.
Diggory’s school encouraged the children to make and wear green hearts back in February on Valentines day/Green heart day to show that they were thinking about and loving the world we live in. See website for more details. We decided to go to the beach and pick litter and threw away or recycled any rubbish that wasn’t green in colour and used any green beach litter to make his heart badge. It was a  great lesson  and activity to do with the boys and whats more they enjoyed themselves.
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At home I’m trying to get the boys to be more independent, clearing away their own dishes after meals instead of me doing everything for them. This sparked conversation about what can be recycled and what food waste can be composted and how. We went online and found these lovely, fun wooden recycling labels for the bins, made by We stuck them on the appropriate bins and the boys have enjoyed using the labels to recycle as much as they can.
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It’s our kids generation that will really see the effects of climate change. Lets take on our parental responsibility to make them aware of the small things we can do daily to help. Down here on the South Coast they have started a beach campaign for the general public to spend 2 minutes picking litter, which here at Hey Mummy we think is a great idea. We can easily take it for granted that the hard working bin men will come a long and clean up so we plan on taking the kids to do this. We’re pretty sure the kids will actually enjoy it and walk away having learned something too, particularly about how rubbish affects the sea life down here.
There are some lovely websites and kids you tube videos on the subject. What do your kids know about it? How can you as a family help? Please join Hey Mummy and get involved in something affecting you, your family and the world we live in. #showthelove. Anna. x

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