Ditching boring dinners with Old El Paso Stand ‘n Stuff Old El Paso Soft Taco Kits #ad

We are ditching boring dinners with Old El Paso!

We’ve been stuck in a rut! Fish fingers, cheesy pasta and the same old meals every evening for the kids. There are so many things to juggle when you’re a parent; ballet, football, work, school pick-ups, nappies, homework, laundry, housework, life admin…and so it’s very easy to throw the same old thing in the oven and be done with it.

Dinner time has become a job to tick off before we throw the kids into the bath and try and get them to bed at a reasonable time. We pile on the mum/dad guilt and yet there are a few things we can do to reclaim family dinners, bring the fun back and get the family around the table together chatting, laughing and enjoying spending time together eating delicious food.

I’m tired of extracting Ivy from under the dinner table as she’s not interested in boring meals, as you’ll see in the video, and Anna is sick to the back teeth of cheesy pasta and her boys messing about at the table.

So we are shaking things up with Old El Paso and its Stand ‘n Stuff Soft Taco Kits. We have been fans of the Fajita kits for years but now they have brought us something that is even more kid friendly. Tacos shaped like little boats that you can fill yourself!

You get a sachet of extra mild cooking sauce to add to mince that you brown in a pan, plus a seasoning to add to sour cream. Sprinkle in some cheese and you have a really delicious filling.

Add in salad, tomatoes, peppers, extra cheese, chopped ham or whatever else takes your fancy and it becomes a really fun meal that the kids will all enjoy. If one child doesn’t like tomatoes then no big deal, they don’t have to add them. It means everyone can have a meal that they really like.

It’s also super quick and takes no more time than cooking fish fingers in the oven. Check out the rest of the range too because if mince isn’t for you then you could try a kit for prawns or chicken.

Anna and I are all about bringing the fun but we also try our best to try and make healthy meals for our kids. We think the Old El Paso Soft Taco kits are the perfect combination of making dinner exciting but also, with the addition of salad or veg on the side, this is a great balance.

In this video we go from dull dinner to putting life back into our meal time with the kids. They had a ball and you can really see that in this video. Wish we could have had the full line of jokes that the kids told at the table as they had us in stitches but the video would be half an hour long!

Check out how we got on and find how you can get back your meaningful mealtimes and #Makeityours by visiting https://www.oldelpaso.co.uk/products/make-it-yours


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