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A little while ago Channel Mum asked me if I would be up with surprising Anna with a dinner using ingredients from Iceland. I know she hasn’t had anything from Iceland since she was a kid so I accepted the challenge. I am also pretty new to using the store but I have been seeing more and more bloggers and vloggers trying them out so I have been really keen to give them a try too. Like a lot of people I still think of Kerry Katona with a prawn party ring and have been put off. I’m generally a Tesco or Lidl shopper but I also love being able to get really nice food locally from markets, butchers and artisan bread shops. I am a foodie and I love to cook so I was intrigued to see what I would find there.

Boy was I surprised, I got a bit carried away and got a whole host of things to try including Spatchcock Chicken, Millies cookies and amazing frozen vegetables. What really surprised me though was that they have a lot of dry goods and fresh salad. Naive I know but I really thought Iceland meant only frozen!

Here we are enjoying the spatchcock chicken for a Hey Mummy working lunch!


So for the dinner I went all out, I couldn’t believe the giant bag of Scallops so I immediately earmarked them for the starter. Then when I saw the lobster tails I knew Anna wouldn’t suspect Iceland at all!

So check out the video which we share with the lovely Charlotte Louise Taylor, also a Channel Mummer, and see how it all turned out.

Below is the recipe I created. I urge you to give Iceland a try, as you know Hey Mummy won’t promote a brand or product that we don’t genuinely rate. If you are already a fan of Iceland please tell us what your favourite dishes are as we would love to try them!

Scallops for two – starter 10 mins £3.35 Per Person
Pour a good slug of olive oil into pan and heat on medium setting.
Add a shake of garlic and a shake of chilli and simmer.
Slice up the chorizo and add to pan – around 6 slices and let it start to crisp.
Add the defrosted scallops, around 4 per person. Turn up the heat and fry for around 6 mins turning every minute to coat in all the flavour. (If you prefer your scallops seared then fry for a minute on each side)
Lobster – Main for two 10-15 mins £6.26 Per Person
Bring water in a pan to boil. Add Defrosted lobster tails and boil for 8 mins.
Pop artichokes into microwave. (Follow packet instructions as microwaves vary)
Meanwhile add a large handful of spinach to each plate plus chopped baby tomatoes. (Add olive oil and balsamic for dressing if you wish)
Melt a tablespoon of butter in a pan and add a shake of garlic or chilli if you like.
Add the cooked artichokes to the spinach and tomatoes.
Scoop lobster from the pan with a large draining spoon or pour through into a colander into the sink)
Pop the lobster tails onto a chopping board and split them down the middle using a chefs knife. Fan them out and place on top of salad. Pour a spoon of melted garlic & chilli butter over the lobster.

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