Dilemma – Kids and Public Toilets, do you let them go in on their own?

Anna has been faced with a parenting dilemma. Her eldest son realised a while ago that she had been taking him into the women’s toilets with her and now refuses to as he wants to understandably go into the mens and now her younger sons, listening to their brother, want to do the same. So what do you do in a public toilet situation when you are concerned about what they might see in there. There is a slim but very possible chance that someone might try to do something inappropriate. Katy will be faced with the same issue in reverse soon when her daughter is out and about with her husband and she wants to go to the women’s on her own. If she’s with Fred then he takes her into the mens which also means that she may see men exposed at the urinals. So what do you do? There is often the option of the disabled loo but of course people will argue it’s not there for families.

Not sure we have the answers on this one so we would love to hear from you! Is it simply down to communication with your children and plenty of chats about stranger danger?



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