Curry Potato Recipe – AKA Sarah’s Swanky Potatoes!

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Here at Hey Mummy we are always looking for new foods to try with the kids and to introduce something other than chicken nuggets and fish fingers! So we asked our friend Sarah, who you may have seen in the Chicken Curry Video, to make a side dish that’s easy and has a bit more flavour than chips and smilie faces!

Check out our video to see her teach Anna how to make ‘Sarah’s Swanky Potatoes’ (sometimes a fun name really helps kids get excited about food)

This recipe is so easy and incredibly quick!


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1.5 tbsp sunflower or olive oil

2 Medium Size Potatoes, diced into small squares

Half a Shallot or 1/4 Onion

Sprinkle of fresh or dried curry leaves (about 10-15 leaves)

1 teaspoon mustard seeds (normal or black or both)

A touch of turmeric (Literally touch the spoon)

1/4 tsp slat

Sprinkle of Coriander to garnish



Add oil into a wok/fryingpan to get hot

Add the mustard seeds, they will start to pop

Add the curry leaves

Add the shopped shollot and stir

Add the salt

Then the Turmeric & stir well

Now add the potatoes and stir again

Stir regularly to help the potatoes cook evenly for about 7-10 minutes. (check the potatoes and cook for longer if not cooked thoroughly.

Serve with a garnish of fresh coriander.

This goes beautifully with Sarah’s Chicken Curry Recipe, see here.


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