Controversial Halloween Costumes – Fun or Inappropriate? We asked the public?

Last week we hit the streets with some of the most controversial Halloween Costumes for kids around. From Friday 13th’s Jason for 8 year olds to Sexy Teen Hot Stuff made for 10-12 Year olds or the ‘Slenderman’ costume of the internet character that caused mayhem and even a real life murder attempt in the states, we asked what the public thought. Were we being over sensitive? Wrapping are kids in cotton wool? Or are we right to think that costumes like this for 7-12 year olds is just introducing them to things that they just don’t need to know about yet? It’s not just about the kids wearing these costumes either, we are thinking about the younger kids that may be out Trick Or Treating with them. What about people opening the door to these costumes? Some people say just close your blinds and turn the lights off if you don’t want Trick or treaters but why should they have to hide in their own homes?


We made this video for Channel Mum and it’s been shown everywhere. It’s made National Press in The Daily Mail, The Mirror and The Star and the Metro in print and online. One of the most talked about costumes has been the ‘Road Kill’ costume that is sold at many outlets including the Middleton Family business, Party Pieces. Funnily enough we don’t think Prince George Or Princess Charlotte will be seen in these costumes!

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We would love to know what you think, please watch the video to see what people thought and leave your comments below x

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