Contraception, Bum Boils and Mirena Coils

Contraception, it’s all quite exciting when you’re young. Condoms and the pill seem terribly grown up don’t they when you’re a teenager?! I will admit I felt super mature going to the Family Planning Clinic when I was young, now the thought of my girls doing the same in their teens makes me wince. Jump forward 15/20 years, post kids and it’s a whole other ball game (haha ball games!).

What type of birth control do you use? That’s the question. Years of screwing with your system with hormones starts to feel a bit crazy but condoms can be a pain too. Trying to convince your fella, if you have one, to have the snip is also a challenge. Doctors will try to convince you to have a coil fitted but as you will see from this video, Anna had a nightmare with that too! I found that the pill messed my system up so much that I was bleeding continuously for weeks on end, but that’s not to say you shouldn’t use it.

There’s much research to show that taking the pill has helped prevent 200,000 cases of cancer sot here are definite extra benefits! But then which one to choose? Ovranette, Dianette? Combined Pill?! There’s so many.

In this video we are chatting about what we do to keep the pitter patter of tiny feet at bay. Lets face it, half the time it’s simply the need for sleep that stops any hanky panky happening at all anyway!! This chat certainly isn’t a video about being anti contraception but rather discussing how it’s left us both in a mess at times. Once you start talking openly about things like the Mirena coil it’s amazing how many people start to come out of the woodwork saying it screwed them up too.

So grab yourself a cuppa and join in our chat, we may be over sharing a tad too, but hey what’s a bum boil or two between friends? Make sure to leave us a comment on what has worked or not worked for you.

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