Many people are anti co-sleeping with babies and it’s not without good reason. It is a fact that newborn babies can’t physically roll away or move from under an adult. The risk of SIDS is proven to be higher when co-sleeping due to over-heating and suffocation.
However there are many reasons why Co-Sleeping is also thought to be of great benefit to mothers and their babies. It can help add to the incredible bond created between them for a start. If you are going to Co-Sleep then please make sure to be aware of the recommended guidelines. You can find them on sites like &
There have been a number of cases when the worst possible outcome has occurred. When researching this post I read up on the recently shared story of 5 month old Everett James who’s mother, Angela, accidentally suffocated him. She took to social media to talk about what happened in the hope she would prevent similar accidents. Reading her story really makes you think about the dangers of sleeping with your baby but even after stories like this it’s still around 50% of parents that sleep with their babies, myself and Katy included.
So when Channel Mum asked us to share our thoughts on the subject we snuggled up together under a duvet to discuss what we did with our babies and toddlers and why.

As always we love to hear your thoughts, comments and advice so please do chip in and let us know what you did/are doing and why. Did you use a BabyBay co-sleeper cot like Katy or did you have your baby in bed next to you on the mattress? Were there any health reasons that made you bring your little one in to sleep next to you like I did with Diggory? We’d love to know.
Lots of love, Anna and Katy. XX
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