Cinema ratings for Kids – Does 12A make it ok to take a 3yr old?

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After using one of my favourite parenting websites to decide that Spectre, the recent James Bond movie rated 12A was not suitable for my boys to see, I felt differently about the Star Wars movie that the BBFC had also awarded a 12A certificate. The common sense media website contains great guidance for parents on ratings and suitability of apps, tv, film etc for kids. I was directed to the website, after concerned discussions with other school mums about which games and films had content that was suitable for my kids, and loved it. There’s reviews, opinions, advice and ratings from other parents and also from kids of different ages. Clear advice on which scenes have forced the rating it’s been given and why.
I do get that younger kids who have older siblings will naturally have different exposure to certain things than any firstborn child (my younger two are naturally) but as parents surely we have a responsibility to raise our kids in the best way we possibly can?  I love keeping my kids youth and innocence for as long as possible. I also want them to be streetwise and not be bullied for being naive on certain subjects but I think we have so many years of life when we can’t avoid knowing too much, so it’s lovely to make it last as long as possible. Help! How can we achieve both of these things? I guess only from extensive research and always being present and aware of materiel your kids are viewing. Arghhhhh, ITS A MINEFIELD!!!
So after avoiding the torture scenes, love making and violence of spectre we went for the non sexual, non swearing content of star wars. Both rated the same by the BBFC but very differently reviewed online by parents and kids.
Unfortunately my motormouth just works of its own accord sometimes and I could not stop myself from saying something to the man who was sitting next to me in the cinema with his traumatised 2/3 year old kid watching the 12A rated film……ROAR!!!
Are some parents less concerned than me about what their kids see and hear at a young vulnerable and impressionable age? Is it selfishness? A need for peace? Or a want for kids to grow up and be a mate to hang out with that makes some parents allow their kids to be exposed to things that they could protect them from? Someone shed some light on this for me…..
Watch this vid for the motor mouth rant and the chat that quite obviously I needed to get off my chest…..
Anna x

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